Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wednesday Weigh In – It’s a new year!

Way back in July I thought if I publicly accounted for my weight
losses or gains I might actually be motivated to do better. It didn't
work out so well. I conveniently stopped posting when the little
needle on the scale started going in the wrong direction.
Too many quick, fast food breakfasts on the way to work and all the
holiday goodies has made me hesitant to step on the scale. This
morning I decided that it just could not be avoided any longer.Thankfully, it was not as bad as I thought it would be. I'm actually
down about two pounds from my previous high, which was opposite of
what I thought the scale was going to tell me. But, obviously, I
still really need to do something more.I think one thing that helped over the last couple of weeks has been
those yummy Clementine tangerines. At the grocery where I shop they
are only sold in small crates containing 25 to 30 pieces. On the way
out the door each morning I've been grabbing a couple of them and
snacking on them throughout the day. It's eliminated trips to the
vending machines where the snacking choices aren't so healthy.I think my next step is to revive the 30 day challenge – make one
change and concentrate on doing it for the next 30 days. I think this
time the challenge has to be giving up those fast food breakfasts. It
will mean planning ahead and perhaps even getting up a little bit
earlier each morning, but both the calories and dollars saved will add
up quickly. After all, how healthy can an Egg McMuffin be?What do you do to get the scale moving in the right direction?


  1. I have a TON of food allergies so temptation is easy to avoid. I almost always have an apple and some roasted almonds with me wherever I go since I can't eat convenience food. I also find having a water bottle with some lemon slices in it helpful.

    Best of luck on your 30 day challenge!

  2. I'm having the same struggles with weight. I now weigh the heaviest I've ever been Ugh!!! My hubby and I have together started to watch our calorie intake. We are using an iPhone app called My Fitness Pal where you can record your food intake, water intake and exercise. I'm trying to start small and work up to a lifestyle change.
    You should post what youre doing each month and I think a lot of people, myself included, would join you in your new habits. :-)