Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Have you seen that?

A year or so ago I got bifocals and decided I hated them.  The optician talked me into these graduated ones that go from distance to reading with middle sites blended in between.  When I wear them I feel like a bobble head, tipping my head this way and that, trying to find just the right spot to see whatever I’m looking at clearly.  Finally, I gave up, and just use reading glassing.  To heck with trying to see things in the distance! 

In all honesty, that hasn’t worked out so well.  Thankfully, it hasn’t affected my driving.  Much.  But in church, with needing to following the card with the new translation, either the priest is a big blur or the reading glasses go on and off.  And on and off.  It’s the same way at work.  And at home.  And in the stores.

It’s time to try again.  But this time I’m not getting those graduated things.  No more bobble head Donna! 

So guess what that means?  I need to find the prescription from the eye doctor.  Has anyone seen it?  Hee!  Hee! (I just love a good pun.  Too bad that wasn’t one, though.)

It wasn’t where I thought it should be, tucked nicely in the file drawer with all other of those kinds of papers.  Nope.  Not there. 

So what better way to spend New Year’s Day afternoon than going through the pretty, large, bottomless wicker basket of mystery papers.   Resumes from three jobs ago?  Nope, don’t need them.  Directions to the job interview I didn’t want to go on anyway?  Not that either.   Instruction manual for a radio I no longer have?  Gone.  And on and on it went.

The script, of course, was the very last piece of paper I looked at.  The last piece of paper.  Not, as in, “I stopped looking once I found it” last.  No.  As in, that last piece of paper at the very bottom of the basket” last.

Funny thing.  When I go on interviews, I am often asked what are three of my best qualities I bring to the job.  I always say “I’m organized”.  I’m beginning to think that’s a not so accurate statement.



  1. I have been contemplating a better way to manage all of the paper that comes into our house...I'm so tempted to just introduce it all to my friend Mr. Trash Can. Sadly a few people might get upset when they don't get paid :(.

    Glad you found the script though - good luck with the new glasses!

  2. Stupid papers... And then there is the whole issue of what needs to be shredded.

    I am going to get new glasses, but decided I would get a new eye exam. I have a medical eye appointment with the specialist in February - so I suppose I will start there and see if they will do the Rx before they dilate.

  3. We've spent the last two days shredding paper -- I just shredded cheques from ten years ago, why did I keep that stuff????

    We have two full bags of paper recycling for collection tomorrow on top of the two boxes that are already full. Thank God they don't count the recycling, just the garbage!

    Good thing you found the prescription!

  4. Oh my gosh! How frustrating! But I'm glad you found it and didn't have to go back for another prescription. I hope they have something on the market by now that's better than it was before.
    That reminds me, thought, I need to get new glasses too! I hope I can find my prescription! :-)