Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday Morning Moaning

Why is it that during the week, when the alarm is set, I could sleep
forever? Or at least quite a bit later than the 6:20am it's set for.
Then we get to the weekend and I am up at 4:30 one day and 5am the
next. Seems so unfair!

What is it with drivers these days? People get into their cars and
act like they are the only ones out on the road. They travel in their
own little worlds, ignoring basic rules and common courtesies. When I
see that I am surprised that there aren't more accidents and road rage

Anything annoying you lately?



  1. I'm so with you on the drivers! I'm pretty sure ALL cars come with turn signals. I often think "this is a perfect symptom of what's wrong with our world" when watching people drive in their own little worlds with now regard to anyone around them.

  2. Yes! I agree 100% on the drivers!

    My annoyance today is with my boss telling us we're doing a display booth a month before it needs to happen ... and it takes 6 weeks to get materials! Grrrr. We tried to figure this out several months ago. So much for planning!

    Hoping you had a happy Monday!

  3. Getting interrupted while I'm on the phone is my newest pet peeve. Unfortunately, it's not the public at large causing me frustration, it's my own family!!