Monday, January 23, 2012

Hope SPRINGs Eternal

Himself reminded me this weekend that Spring is now less than eight weeks away.  Only eight weeks!  I can manage winter for that much more, I think.  Maybe.  Hopefully.  Not that there’s much choice in the matter.

One of the great indicators that Spring is coming, that it is going to get warmer, is the arrival of gardening catalogs.  They are such a welcome reminder that winter won’t last forever.  The problem is, when I look at these catalogs, I want one of everything!  But, alas, I have neither the space nor the wallet for that.

The two definite additions to this year’s garden are going to be dahlias.  More specifically, these two:

In the Fall I cleared out an area that had become overgrown with a not very pretty plant I put in years ago.  I think these will look much better.  Come on Spring!



  1. I love dahlias! Good choices for your garden. I can't wait to see what they look like!

  2. Love the flowers! I'm SOOOO glad its only 8 more weeks til spring! :-) Thanks for the reminder!