Friday, July 20, 2018

Quick Takes (37): Lessons from an almost six year old

- 1 -
Back in June my sister and her girlfriends since high school were celebrating a milestone birthday reached by all of them over the last year.  Along with their husbands, they had rented a villa at a local winery.  By all reports, they had a good time catching up, relaxing and partaking in the winery’s tasty beverages, though not nearly as much as I would have thought.

My almost-six-year-old niece stayed with us, arriving at lunchtime on Friday.  Sara has been looking forward to this as much as we had been.  We had a blast.  That child is so full of joy and imagination.  It all comes out in nonstop chatter and little ditties that she frequently sings.  Let's just say we three, and I include the dog in this, are not used to such volume!  We are generally a quiet bunch.

However much we try to teach her and set good examples, there is always something we learn from her.  This weekend was no exception.
- 2 -
Entertainment comes in many forms
A friend made a few suggestions, pointing out a number of craft kits Sara might like. On the way home from work the day before, I stopped and bought this stepping stone kit. Sara loved working on it, especially since it had glitter that she could sprinkle, everywhere, on the stone and off. But that project lasted fifteen minutes, twenty tops.

What grabbed her attention were simple things.  We painted rocks, ran through the sprinkler, and used a spool of string to make a very large spider web around the garden.  And, of course, the spiders that lived in that web had to eat, so we hunted for "bugs", aka pine cones, and leaves to attach to the web.

Even one of our digital cameras entertained her for quite a while.  She could take as many pictures as she wanted, or at least as long as the battery lasted.  This is one of her masterpieces. 

- 3 -
Life’s a musical
She sings!  Oh, she sings!  For a while I thought she was singing what she had heard in school or on TV or the radio.  But, no, the songs are ones she makes up and describes whatever might have caught her fancy at the moment.  They are lovely, fanciful, pretty little ditties sung in her sweet voice.

- 4 -
Eat what you like and like what you eat
My niece is a picky eater.  There is no doubt about that.  But when she like something, she eats it with gusto and isn't afraid to ask for more, even if it is just a plain old hamburger bun.

- 5 - 
Sometimes things are scary in the dark
The first night she was with us, she nodded off to sleep fairly quickly, though not in her own bed in the guest room.  Shortly after I had tucked her in and said our evening prayers, she snuck out and crawled into bed with me.  The next night, she wandered downstairs where Tim was reading.  They talked for a while.  He figured out that she was feeling a little homesick and scared, which I never picked up.  What a beautiful conversation they had!  After praying and blessing everyone, Sara curled up on the couch and was out for the night.

- 6 -
Be kind and mindful of others' feelings
When her daddy came to pick her up, BIL asked her what her favorite part of the weekend was.  Without pause she answered, "Playing with Uncle Tim."  She glanced over at me and quickly added "and Aunt Donna."  She was worried that I would feel left out and made sure that I was included.  That girl has such a generous heart!

Posing with her "spider web"
- 7 -
“What was wonderful about childhood is that anything in it was a wonder. It was not merely a world full of miracles; it was a miraculous world.” 
― G.K. Chesterton

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