Forty-something wife, daughter, sister, friend, Catholic, employee, seamstress, photographer, and, most importantly, a child of God.

I started writing this blog several years ago after reading so many heart-breaking posts of other Catholic women dealing with infertility.  There often seems to be the desperation, the feeling, that if our marriage doesn't produce children we are less of a family; that I am less of a wife and woman.

Infertility hits us at the core of our being.  As women we were created to bear children.  And if that doesn't happen, we think there must be something wrong with us.

Nothing could be further from the truth. 

The blog title What if God says No was born of the thought that God didn't ignore my prayers for children, He just answered them in a way I hadn't expected.

I've learned that, with or without children, life can be, and is, True, Good and Beautiful.

My IF series



  1. You have a beautiful blog and I love your encouragement to other couples! I will definitely be sharing some of your posts on my facebook page! :)

  2. Brand new to your blog today as I read through TToT posts. Happy to meet you! Your blog title particularly drew me in because that is indeed a big question - What if God says no and why does He do that, anyway? Been the mantra of the last three years of our lives here. Looking forward to reading more here!