Wednesday, November 7, 2012

IF: Surviving 2

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Learn your body.  I assumed that since my cycle was regular, every twenty-eight days like clockwork, everything was good.  Having had severe PMS, since almost the onset of menses as a teen, seemed normal to me.  So did TEBB.  My regular OB saw no problems with those.  Only later did I find out that those are symptoms of hormonal issues.  Creighton opened my eyes to how my cycle actually works.

Find a doctor with whom you are comfortable.  The first time I met with my Creighton trained ObGyn, he spoke to me as if I knew what I was talking about.  He explained things if I didn’t understand, but he didn’t talk down to me.  The was a great gift and blessing.  He is a two hour drive away and I still go to see him as my regular ObGyn. 

Advocate for yourself.  I cannot stress this one enough.  And it is not just for fertility related issues.  You need to be your biggest advocate for all your health concerns.  If you feel something is not right follow up, push, and question until you get answers.  If your doctor does not take you seriously, find another doctor!  It is your body. 

Diet and exercise are simple actions that can sometimes have a big effect on fertility.  Taking vitamins and/or supplements sometimes helps as well.  Learn what you can do and what is out of your hands.

IF can be very isolating.  It seems like we're surrounded by growing families everywhere we look.   When I found the Yahoo Catholic infertility group, it was as if someone threw me a lifeline.  Other people, other women, understood.  They were a sholder to cry on and someone to encourage the next step and provide the kick in the pants when needed.  They were there to rejoice in the BFP and offer condolences and prayers for the BFN. 

The Yahoo group led me to one blog, then another and another.  They have become a virtual support group.   It helps to be tied in and connected to people who have a clue.  And that help is two-fold.  The first is all of the above emotional and prayer support.  The other is that in helping someone else, whether by prayer, words of encouragement, recommendations, etc., we forget a little of our own troubles.  We become less the center of our own little universe and part of the bigger community around us.

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  1. I couldn't love this post more!!! It is so very true.

  2. Yes this online community has been so wonderful to discover! IF is so lonely sometimes and though I wish none of us were here, I am so blessed to be connected to those who understand what I am going through.

  3. If it wasn't for the blogs I would've lost my mind a long time ago! Can't wait to read more!