Thursday, November 8, 2012

Guest Post: Be Not Afraid

Wednesday morning I woke up to the news on my clock radio.  I learned that the birthday present I wished for the day before wasn't to be.  We would not be getting the hoped for new president.  I was severely disappointed and down.  Himself gave me some perspective before I set off for work. 

He later forwarded to me correspondence he had with a good friend of ours.  What great words of wisdom!  I asked if I could share it with you and he graciously agreed.

Dear K-,
    It is great to hear from you.  You have just the right attitude.  I, too, am sad for those who haven't been given the grace to see that a new coat of paint won't remove the termites in the foundation.  This is particularly true of fiscal conservatives and libertarians.  The liberal elite termites give us every opportunity to take the easy way out and leave them to their destruction.  We are quick to join in the ridicule of those who challenge our county’s cultural decay, so we can justify, or ignore, our own contributions to that decay.

     “Be not afraid” is, of course, exactly the right motto for today.  It's alright to grieve and pout for a day or two.  It's not alright to head for the catacombs or even Costa Rica for that matter!  The blessing in disguise which we received four years ago continues.  We are better informed and much more aware than we would have been otherwise.  The Tea-Party, the Manhattan Declaration, the conservative blogosphere, an active Cardinal Dolan and Magisterium, are all fruits of that opportunity.

     Though, the margin of defeat closed this election from 8% to 2%, we have over a century of cultural decline to overcome before we can expect to move a national election in our favor.  Culture precedes politics and economics.  The latter two are a reflection on the first.  Fortunately, we can, and should, attempt to serve our immediate sphere of influence.  This will be much easier and effective than trying to solve micro-level problems on a macro-level playing field.

     The credibility of the republican establishment was destroyed in this election.  This is a necessary step before the party can be realigned and effectively vie for the hearts and minds of the American voters.  This is different than the personal outreach we as individuals must continue to pursue in our relationships. 

     Here's an example of a success which will be seen as a failure by the hard-hearted and hard-headed in the republican party.  Richard Mourdock defeated Dick Luger in the Rep. primary.  Luger was slightly less liberal than Charlie Crist whom Rubio defeated in Florida in 2010.  Yes, Mourdock lost a close election to Donnelly.  However, the bitter Luger did not support Mourdock, as Mourdock would have been expected to support Luger.  The establishment in Indiana pouted just enough to lose the seat for Mourdock.  But, guess what?  Donnelly is Pro-Life, Pro-2nd Amendment, and Pro-Traditional Marriage.  So, don't let any of the establishment apologists get away with saying social conservatives lost the seat.  Social conservatives won the seat either way.  Resentful fiscal conservative Luger supporters lost it for the republicans.

     Even Akin in Mo. could have overcome his inelegant rhetoric if the establishment didn't starve his campaign of funds.  But, put Akin and Mourdock aside.  What were the social issue "gaffes" that lost the election for the establishment candidates in Florida, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Virginia, Ohio, etc.???  No, the election was won by candidates who had the courage of conviction.  Sherrod Brown, who won in Ohio, is the country's most liberal senator.  Barack Obama did not run as a moderate this time, as some explained away his victory in 2008.  They ran on their convictions, as misguided as they may be, and won. 

     In closing, republicans must be made to understand that love-of-money is not conservatism; and libertarians must be made to understand that socialism can't be defeated by social Darwinism.                         

My, this is a windy manifesto!!  I'll leave you with some real wisdom: 

"All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well…" - Julian of Norwich
“It is terrible to contemplate how few politicians are hanged.”-G.K. Chesterton Cleveland Press 3/1/21



  1. I love G.K. Chesterton! And this is a great post, I'm glad you shared. I was just discussing with a friend of mine that even if the Republicans had one, that wouldn't have fixed the problems. Not even close. This will just help us to understand more clearly that we have to keep working and loving faithfully.

  2. The church asks us to think of and advocate for the poor as well. Many democratic services support the poor and those who are marginalized. Neither party is "holier" than another, they both have major flaws. If we choose to respect life, we must respect it in all forms- embryo, infant, and the poor homeless and poor in spirit rich. Be careful associating a stance against abortion with "pro-life".