Friday, February 22, 2013


Chief Wahoo, that is!

The drive in this morning was amid freezing rain, sleet and snow here in northeast Ohio.  

At 3:05pm the first spring training game of the Cactus league began.

Can the warmer weather be far behind?


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

"Remember man that thou art dust
and unto dust thou shalt return."

Monday, February 11, 2013

Going viral

Thank you for all your well wishes after my last post.  Yesterday I was talking to a neighbor friend who is an RN at the local hospital.  She seems to think what I have is norovirus, not rotovirus like I had mentioned.  Not that the name matters, same yucky symptoms just by a different name.  Apparently it’s running rampant in this area, so much so that several schools have closed.  It should only last 24 to 48 hours.  I must be an overachiever since I had it for four days.  If only the seven pounds I lost would stay away!

I suppose I could look on the bright side.  Since I couldn’t be too far away from the “facilities” I had a chance to get a few things knocked off my “to do” list when I was feeling up to it.

One of my house plants, a Swedish Ivy, had gotten crazy big.  I bought a new, larger pot for it a few weeks ago and I finally made the switch.  If you’re one of those people that has a brown thumb, get one of these plants.   They grow like weeds even with the most minimal of care.

I finally watched Casablanca.  It has been driving my BIL bonkers that I have never seen that movie.  It is one of his favorites and one he considers a standard setter.   He’s in the business so I guess he would know.    I’ve had it from the library for a couple of weeks so when I was feeling a bit punk yesterday afternoon I slipped it in the DVD player.  It was funny knowing so many of the lines from the movie having never seen it before. 

I don’t know the last time, if ever, I backed up my laptop.  With all the pictures we take, the hard drive was full.  I was frequently getting error messages telling me that files could not be saved.  So, new external drive in hand, it is now backed up, cleaned up, and a bit more spacious.  And since I was fiddling with the computer, I installed tax software and got ‘em done.  Yeah me!

I picked up a book that’s been sitting on my shelf for a while now, Confessions of an Ex-Feminist by Lorraine V. Murray.  I’m wishing I would have started it sooner.  She is an excellent writer with an engrossing story to tell.  When I finish, I’ll write more about it.  It would make good Lenten reading for anyone looking for something.

Hmm?  Maybe I should get sick more often.

Nah, not worth it.


Friday, February 8, 2013

How not to lose 3 pounds in 24 hours

In one word - Rotovirus.

I don't know where I managed to pick it up, but it is most unpleasant.  Avoid at all costs!


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

And then there were none

** I found this post that I wrote back in May of last year.  I thought I had published it, but apparently not.  Just a little food for thought.

A week or two ago, when I started out on my morning walk with Jack, a robin came shrieking out of the bushes that are in front of our house.  Looking to see what caused the ruckus, I discovered her nest with four little blue eggs.  A day or two later I peeked in to see how they were doing and got treated to this little fellow looking to be fed.

At the end of the week I figured more, if not all, the eggs should have hatched.  I went armed with my camera, expecting mama robin to fly away in a rage.  Instead, all was quiet.  And I found this, a sadly empty nest.

Even in nature, mamas, this time robins, are reminded that babies are sometimes denied.

I wonder where that mama robin went.  Is she making another nest, perhaps somewhere safer and more secure?  Or did she just give up and move on?