Tuesday, February 5, 2013

And then there were none

** I found this post that I wrote back in May of last year.  I thought I had published it, but apparently not.  Just a little food for thought.

A week or two ago, when I started out on my morning walk with Jack, a robin came shrieking out of the bushes that are in front of our house.  Looking to see what caused the ruckus, I discovered her nest with four little blue eggs.  A day or two later I peeked in to see how they were doing and got treated to this little fellow looking to be fed.

At the end of the week I figured more, if not all, the eggs should have hatched.  I went armed with my camera, expecting mama robin to fly away in a rage.  Instead, all was quiet.  And I found this, a sadly empty nest.

Even in nature, mamas, this time robins, are reminded that babies are sometimes denied.

I wonder where that mama robin went.  Is she making another nest, perhaps somewhere safer and more secure?  Or did she just give up and move on?



  1. My mom had a mamma duck lay eggs under their deck and my mom kept a watchful eye on the eggs...until one day..she looked and there were only feathers. She talked about how good that mamma duck was in watching her eggs. My mom hoped they hatched and moved on...I'm thinking otherwise. Nature can be cruel.

  2. I like the first picture, I had never seen blue eggs :)

  3. We had some birds (sparrows, maybe?) make a nest in our front porch columns. The babies grow up so fast, but I hope that the birdies were all ok. Breaks my heart if they weren't.