2013 Sand Pail List

{ Visit local historic Farm and Village

{ Stop for ice cream at local stand
5/26/2013 - We finally stopped! After 9 years driving past and reading the specials, we enjoyed a cone after church: white chocolate and mint. It was good & cheap. We will definitely will be stopping again.
{ Go to at least one ethnic festival

{ Try out a new winery

{ In Amish country go for a buggy ride.

{ Go to at least one free concert.
7/19/2013 - Ralley in the Alley - Bon Jovi tribute band. We tried going to a couple other concerts there as well, but they were rained out.

{ Go for a hike in one of the county parks that we haven’t yet been to.

{ Go to a state park that we haven’t yet been to.
5/28/2013 - Malobar Farm State Park - Did the tour of the "Big House" where Bogie and Bacall were married.
{ Plant something new in the veggie garden.

{ Meet up with Rebecca

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