Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thankful Thursday (9)

Today I am thankful for. . .

* Himself.  The other day I was having a really, really crabby start to the day, which included me stomping around the kitchen and out of the house.   When I called home later that morning, Himself answered with the most cheery “Good morning, Sunshine!”  I burst out laughing and my day brightened considerably.  After that, how could I possibly be crabby?

* Lunch.  We had a lunch date today.  Himself picked me  up at work and we headed out to a local burger joint.  And, he surprised me with these which are now sitting on my desk:

* Burgers.  As I mentioned above, we went to a local burger joint for lunch.  It’s a spot opened by Food Network’s Iron Chef from 2007 and boy is it good.  The burgers were dripping, juicy yumminess and were so big we could only finish half.  I know what I’m eating for dinner tonight!

* Faith and Prayers.  When Himself was getting the flowers above, he got to chatting with the lady who was ringing out his order.  Her brother is going to be having a bone marrow transplant and she asked for prayers.  Isn’t it great to be able to talk with strangers about our faith in God?!

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  1. Glad your hubby was able to cheer you up! Love the happy flowers!

  2. Hooray for Himself! Flowers ALWAYS make any day better! :-)