Friday, January 6, 2012

Quick Takes (19)

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Last week I mentioned that I was thinking about doing the 365 day photo challenge.  Well, I’m not only thinking about it, I’ve set up a new blog and jumped in with both feet, dragging Himself with me.  I’ve got a link on the side of this blog or it can be found here.  Check it out.  I think you’re going to find that the pictures Himself takes will be quite artistic and beautiful while mine document the more mundane.  That’s okay.  That’s how we roll!

I have been terrible about eating breakfast each morning at home before work.  I’m not keen on cereal and usually am hungry again soon after eating it.  Anyone have ideas on good, make ahead breakfasts?

I never seem to go very long without a sewing project.  Himself has been requesting new curtains for the living room.  I promised to try to get new ones completed by his birthday in March.  Bye, bye ugly orange curtains!


I feel so forgetful lately.  I sat down at the computer yesterday to look something up on Google and by the time I brought up the browser I forgot what I was looking for.  In one of her mass e-mailings, a friend sent this link.  Has anyone heard of it?  Does it work?

Sunday afternoon we will be taking down the Christmas decorations at church as the season comes to an end with the celebration of the Epiphany.  They were incredibly beautiful this year and I will be sorry to see them go.

“We should thank God for beer and burgundy by not drinking too much of them.”

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Have a great weekend!



  1. I love having a smoothie for breakfast. I always try to eat something before I leave the house and having a smoothie on hand is such a good way to keep up my blood sugar.
    My naturopath has me put hemp and flax seeds in it for protein.

    I also have open-faced turkey sandwiches for breakfast.

    Have I mentioned that I have a big appetite?

    Steel cut oats are a good thing to make ahead. I make them in my slow cooker and when I wake up they're done and so tasty!

  2. Number 4 looks like me. I surprised myself today by taking a 4-minute shower because I was running late, but I usually spend at least that just enjoying the hot water.

  3. My sister makes a breakfast casserole ahead of time in muffin tins, which her husband warms up. Because they are mostly eggs and bacon, they are filling for him, and they give him the fuel he needs until lunch(he is slightly hypoglycemic, so this is important). I don't have the recipe, but I imagine that any quiche or breakfast casserole recipe will work. Then, it is a matter of warming up in the microwave while you wait for the coffee to brew!

  4. I make farro for the week (1 C farro to three cups water, boiled for 35 minutes with some vanilla and a cinnamon stick) and then stick it in the fridge. Each morning, I take a cup of that, add in an Equal packet, 1/2 C skim milk, and 1/4 cup chopped Trader Joe's trail mix and I'm good to go. The farro is whole grain and filling and the nuts in the trail mix add in protein. You can eat it cold or throw it in the microwave.

    I've found that this plus a banana holds me to noon. If you're bottoming out from breakfast, you likely need lean protein like egg whites or Greek yogurt. I used to be in that situation and the farro helps (and is cheap and convenient). Good luck!