Saturday, January 14, 2012

Journey of a thousand words

We have a friend, Fr. Ed, who is scary brilliant.  There are those people who know a little about a lot.  He's not like that.  And there are the ones that know a lot about a little.  That's not him either.  He knows a lot about a lot.  If something is worth learning, it is worth learning well and in depth.

I first encountered Fr. Ed at the parish where Himself and I eventually met.  He was an Associate Pastor there and was very involved with the youth programs. 

He used to give these sermons that, to me at the time, seemed to last forever.  I had a hard time following them and at some point would tune out.  That was at a time when going to Mass was just an obligation that I wanted to get over as quickly as possible.

Once I started learning more about our faith I really began to appreciate what he had to say.  He sometimes takes a circuitous path, but if you really listen and follow along, it all makes so much sense.  The journey of words is wild, winding, bold and beautiful. 

Since neither he nor we are at that parish any longer we aren’t privy to his weekly sermons.  But we get something better.  Fr. Ed has grown into a dear friend who visits often for dinner and a chat. 

It’s been a while.  I think I need to make a phone call.


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