Sunday, June 28, 2015

TToT(5) - I Love a Parade

The town just south of us had their festival and parade this week.  I mentioned in a post a few years back that this is a very big deal here.  People mark their spots days in advance and no one messes with it, at all.

We just showed up and got a great spot - on our church's front steps.  That is one of our Deacons behind us with his wife.
The kids all come prepared with bags for goodies that are tossed their way.  It was like trick or treating without the walking.  Some kind lady even thought to throw a couple of Tootsie Rolls our way.  Those were much appreciated since we hadn't eaten dinner.

There were a lot of young people at the parade.  These teens hung by us for a while.  The young man in the black t-shirt was a hoot.  He had a broken arm and was making the best of it to attract the attention of some young ladies.  We enjoyed his company and were sad to see him wander off.

What's a parade without John Deer?  That just can't happen in these parts!

We actually knew someone in the parade this year.  The gal in the VW bug with the sunglasses and facing backwards is Sarah.  She owns the new bakery in town and is a lovely, hardworking young women. We wanted to fix her up with my cousin, but, alas, she is engaged.

There weren't many horses, but they were dressed up of the evening with painted "tattoos" and fancy ribbons and such.

I was surprised just how many people seem to like boots.  There were many fun comments in last week's TToT.  When this fire truck went by I just had to smile and think of you all!

Shampoo!  Does anyone need shampoo?  The kids seemed to think dancing with a great big blue bottle of shampoo was great fun.  Watching them certainly was!

The weather for the parade couldn't have been nicer.  That was good since much of the subsequent fair was rained out in torrential and long lasting storms.
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  1. It's funny parades are something I've never done with my boys but yours looks as if it was lovely. The weather looks fantastic for a parade.

  2. Ha! I love that the TToT is now on your mind and you took a photo of boots for us. :)

    Teens can be hilarious, can't they?

    It's always interesting to see what odd things will be in a small town parade. Little known fact: Bryan was in a parade when he lived in Minnesota before we married. The first year he was the North Wind. The second year he was a lost sock from the laundry. Makes me laugh every time I think about it.

    At the state fair each year, we end our visit by eating ice cream while watching the tractor parade. All tractors spewing diesel at us. Good times. :)

  3. I don't like crowds much, so the idea of going to a parade like Mardi Gras is about the last thing I'd want to do. But small town parades? Those are AWESOME! I included a small town St. Patrick's Day parade in a post I did a year ago for the A to Z Challenge. There were about 20 entries in the entire parade and it was an absolute delight to watch!

  4. Nothing like a good old-fashioned small-town parade. Beautiful.

  5. That was a pretty interactive parade! Our city recently banned the tossing of candy at parades because of some fighting that broke out over a roll of Smarties or some such nonsense. So, I am glad to hear you got Tootsie Rolls and were able to enjoy them safely!

  6. It is funny that you said they throw candy. The town I live in does that at parades too. I had never heard of that before moving here, or since until you put it in your post. :)

  7. What a fun list! You've made me miss the small town parade in my old home town. Good times.