Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Oh Deer!

I never get tired of seeing deer in the yard.  I don't even mind sharing the mulberries and apples that they glean from our two trees.  But, stay out of the veggie garden, please! 

I have a row that I planted the front half with lima beans and the back half with wax beans.  I now have just wax beans and a bunch of lima bean stems.   Apparently deer prefer lima beans over wax beans.  Really??



  1. Oh, I can so relate. Deer in the garden are my nemeses. There isn't much that they won't eat. Good luck!

  2. I love seeing deer as well but not on the road or crossing the road in front of our moving vehicle! Yikes.

  3. Hahaha, silly picky deer. My neighborhood pests are coyotes, not nearly as friendly looking.

  4. What is it with the deer eating the veggies?