Thursday, June 18, 2015

I Think I Got My Money's Worth

Since we were talking about clothes (we were, weren't we?), here's another clothing item that I'm going to mourn its loss.  But, this time not for the memories, but for the comfort.  I had an old pair of "stretch denims" that had too many stains to be worn in public.  Oh boy did they make great gardening pants!  Comfy, stretchy and cool. 

I finally gave up on them when the hole got to be about fist sized.  Into the garage trash can they went before I was tempted to wear them again.
I think I got my money's worth out of them!
P.S. - If you went to the CWWN Ohio conference, you might recognize the t-shirt.


  1. I still have a few items in my closet I will have for a long time...especially my favorite sweat pants..holes and all. Comfy clothes are hard to get rid of...I get it.

  2. oooh. you are making me feel like I need to do some cleaning out of the closet.. shhh.. i wear my gardening clothes out for a quick run to the grocery store..

  3. Ben has a pair of jeans like that--he warned me the other day, "I think they may have 3 washes of life left in them. Then I'll have to get some new ones." Both knees are torn up, he spilled brown paint from the deck all in the crotch area, and lots of dried mud (drywall) has been stuck there as well. Thankfully he doesn't go out in public with these on--just perhaps the front yard :)

  4. Back in our NASA days, I had a pair of jeans that I just LOVED. But, like all of us, they got old and started falling apart,