Sunday, June 21, 2015

TToT (4) - Disjointed-and-Hyphenated Edition

The Cleveland Cavs gave us an exciting year in basketball.  Even with season ending injuries for two of their starters (a dislocated shoulder and a fractured kneecap) the remaining players toughed it out and were "All In".  Thanks for a great year!

It was oh-so-nice to have a weekend with no plans where we had to go somewhere.  Home is  where my heart is!

A few years ago I bought rubber garden boots while we were down in Amish country at Lehman's Hardware.  They hadn't gotten much use until this year.  With all the rain we've had, especially the gusher this week, they have come in mighty handy.  And they are fashionable, too!
My friend Tracy came over on Saturday and helped me thin out some of my very overgrown flowers.  We filled a box with four different kinds of Sedum and it doesn't look like we even made a dent.  But, the bee balm is in a much better state.  Now if anyone needs large-leaf Hostas, Spiderwort, or cone flowers, they are yours for the taking.

Tracy brought cherry pie for dessert after lunch.  Yum!  Let's just say it was so good that it didn't last 24 hours!

I found a new source for cheap and/or free e-books.  Books are listed on BookBub for a limited time at a reduced price ($1 to $3) or for free.  I have discovered some great new-to-me authors.

A neighboring parish has a Sunday night, 5:30pm, Mass.  On days like today, when I just can't get my tired and achy yard-work-hurting body moving, it is very convenient.

- 8-
We stopped for burgers after Mass.  It was nice to sit and relax and enjoy a good not-made-by-me meal and even better company.

Five days.  Just five work days until vacation.  I can't wait.

This great news.  Please keep A and her growing family in your prayers.
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  1. My rubber Wellies that I bought almost twenty years ago finally ripped last year out in the chicken coop... I miss them so much . I love your red boots! and no where to go on a weekend day... Heaven.

    1. Thanks! You can't tell from the picture, but they are paisley. Silly and fun to wear in the garden.

  2. Love the boots! I have almost zero need for anything like that, but I could have used them when wading in the basement recently. We've actually had a couple of days with no rain, though! Anyway, love this list. :)

    1. I hope your basement has dried out. We've been lucky in that we haven't had any water damage, just some iris that got uprooted.

  3. We didn't have anything to do all day Saturday. It was fantastic.
    I bought a pair of rubber boots a couple of years ago. Mine are for soccer games and cross country meets. We have ugly, brown wellies for the farm. Yours are cute! I'm not going to say I hope you get more use out of them, 'cause that would mean more rain, which I certainly don't need. :)
    I will be in Ohio for the 4th of July. If you still have any flowers left, I'll take them! (but don't save them for me if someone else wants them)
    Our parish has a 5:00 Sunday Mass. The youth ministry does the music, readings, and ushering. As the little kids have gotten older, we go to that one more and more often.
    I clicked over to read about A and her WONDERFUL news. I'll be praying for them!

    1. We often refer to the 5:30 Mass as the 'Rock 'n Roll' Mass since they do it up with guitars, drums, etc. It's the Life Teen Mass, and though they don't do as much as in your parish, it's great to see the young people so involved.

      The flowers are all yours! We've asked a number of people if they want them and so far no takers.

  4. I could have used some rubber boots this spring, we've had so much rain this past month that everything is soggy.

    I love weekends without plans. There are always so many things to be done and I like to still have time to relax.

    1. We were okay up until last week. Now, we're like you - very soggy.

  5. My daughter loves her rain boots and wears them if there is even a hint of rain, even with a dress. I wear mine when it's actively pouring and I have to go somewhere, but I have trouble walking in them and feel like a dork in them.
    I want to go to that hardware store! My dad had a hardware store for over 30 years, and it was his dad's before that. He closed it four years ago, and I really miss it. Nothing like the smell of a hardware store!

    1. I love hardware stores too! When we go to Amish country we'll often stop at Lehman's just to wander around and usually leave without buying anything. It's a great place to "window shop".

  6. It is nice to have a friend to help you with you garden. Great thankful list.

  7. A free weekend is the best! Hope you had a great time doing whatever!

  8. I never thought I'd have a pair of rain boots as an adult, but my daughter loves hers so much I decided to grab a pair. Now we can puddle stomp all we like! I love yours - very cute!
    Still loving your blog makes me think. A lot.