Friday, June 19, 2015

Quick Takes (32) - Sand Pails and Summer

It's been fun to see all the summer bucket lists popping up on various blogs.  We started doing something similar a few years ago.  I didn't call it a bucket list, however, since that sounds so final to me - things you want to do before you kick the bucket.  So, in honor of summertime and beach activities, I called it the Sand Pail List.
I created our 2015 list a week or so ago, but I think it still needs a little refining.  Or maybe not.  It seems short, but it might be exactly the right size for a fun, but relaxing summer.  Can you think of anything I should add?

If the weather holds out, we'll be hitting the second item on the list tonight.  Every Friday night there are concerts in the nearby town.  It's a Janis Joplin cover band tonight.  We heard them last year and they were excellent.  My only hope is that they do more Joplin before the break and not leave all her stuff to the second half of the show.  I'm not a late night gal anymore!

The last two years, and this year too, I put try out a new winery on the list.  Perhaps I should add try a new brewery instead, or better yet, as well.  Know of any we should try?

Speaking of weather, we got pounded by the rain last night.  Our normally quiet little stream overflowed its banks and then some.  The bridge shown below is usually about 18-24 inches above the surface of the water as you can see here.  Just a few minutes after this picture was taken it was completely submerged.

I planted some iris along the stream Tuesday evening.  The force of the water pulled a couple of them out and carried them downstream.  A friend had a tree and a nine foot lilac uprooted so I consider myself lucky we only had traveling iris to replace.

"Let a man walk ten miles steadily on a hot summer's day along a dusty English road, and he will soon discover why beer was invented."
All Things Considered by GK Chesterton

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Have a great weekend!



  1. It is just so crazy to me that there are so many places that have more rain than they know what to do with, and California's still withering away. Weather is so weird!

  2. Catching up with you ... Wow!! You've been busy!! I love that you have a garden and it is successful ~ and the strawberries are ripening ... Yum!! And the flowers are planted and growing. Spring is one of my favorite times of year - after the planting is done, that is ... :)
    I loved reading about clearing out your clothes and the memories that went with them. It is something I need to do again, and be realistic about will I ever *really* be that size again? I know I should be more optimistic, but I'm not getting smaller as I get older. LOL It is wonderful to bless others, though ... that part I truly enjoy.

  3. There are sooo many good breweries near Cleveland and Akron. Hoppin Frog is amazing!