Sunday, November 22, 2015

TToT (12) - I "Auto" Know By Now

- one-
It seems nothing is ever as simple as it should be with cars anymore.  I brought the car in for an oil change at one of those "quick" places, which it was.  But, when they went to pull the dipstick out to check the level, it broke.  Thankfully they took care of getting a replacement and installing it. 

- two-
We made an appointment to get the snow tires put on that same car.  I arranged to work from home on Friday so we could drop off the car.  When we arrived we found out that they hadn't put the work on the schedule and were booked for the day.  The shop managed to get the work done in spite of their busy schedule and even gave the car a good once over for other things as well.  That garage is a keeper!

- three-
We didn't get any snow! 
- four-
Himself detailed the inside of the car, ridding it of copious amounts of dog hair and dirt and gravel from our hikes in the park.  I feel like I'm riding around in a chariot now!

- five -
I am ever so grateful that the price of gas has dropped.  It's now under two dollars a gallon here. 
- six -
Since my tip to the UK was cancelled last weekend I had time to get some yard work done that I hadn't yet gotten to do.  I had been wondering when I was going to get it done.  All the perennials in the back garden have been cut back and the leaves raked up and put into the compost.
- seven -
I had time yesterday to plow through my messy, messy office and rid it of much clutter, old craft and sewing projects, and paperwork.  Somehow it always seems to sneak up on me.  It's not perfect, but I feel so much better in there now.  I don't know about you, but I find neat and clean to be very calming.

- eight -
Did you know you can get playing cards made with whatever picture you want on them?  Sis had a deck made up with my most beautiful niece's photo for my birthday.  It was such a perfect present since Himself and I often play rummy in the evening and Sis and BIL join us for euchre games now and then.

- nine -
It's only a three day work week this week.  Whoo hoo!!

- ten -
It's once again time for Advent Prayer Buddies and there is still time to sign up.  It is a great opportunity to spend time these four week before Christmas remembering the intentions of someone else. 
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  1. I read through all of your lovely thankfuls and got stuck on the fact that it will very soon be Advent! How did that happen???
    Hooray for having a great garage! That is really something to be glad about - too many are not as accommodating as yours.
    Have a lovely Thanksgiving!

  2. We found a garage we really like. I told them we ought to have a punch card and get a free sandwich or something after ten visits. It won't take long; we have two old cars!
    I cleaned out my closet a couple of weeks ago and discovered I'm missing a pair of boots. How does one lose boots? They're short boots, but still BOOTS. Where do you suppose they are?

  3. Enjoy your chariot and have a lovely Thanksgiving.

  4. I've often said one of the few things I miss by being single is evenings spent with other couples playing euchre.

  5. Can't say I've ever heard of a dipstick breaking off. Not that I have heard many stories about dipsticks or anything else oil change related... :) Having a good mechanic is most definitely wonderful.
    Yay for no snow and being able to get the yard work done!
    I did know that about the playing cards, but I never even thought about giving them away as gifts. Great idea! We're a euchre-playing family, too. I'll keep that in mind the next time I get to visit with you.
    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  6. totally agree that 'no snow' is perfect weather!
    agree about modern cars! (being of the Y Chrome persuasion, I spent large amounts of my youth trying to do things to cars that I lacked the money to pay someone (skilled) to do)… I laughed the first time I opened the hood on my current car, everything is under a cowling, there isn't even a dipstick (on this brand) lol… the dashboard tells me if I need to do anything other than drive.

  7. Dog hair is not easy to extract from the car! I do find order and cleanliness calming--I have a few spots at my home that need some attention (besides the car that needs to shed the dog fur!)
    Advent prayer buddies--what a sweet idea!

  8. Having no snow means it is so much easier to get out and about doing last minute shopping before the holidays. That is a good thing. All those loops in the fabric in cars, makes it so difficult to get the dog hair out of the seats of vehicles. Having a broken dip stick made me laugh, although I do appreciate that is no laughing matter. :-)

  9. It will be Thanksgiving here tomorrow and guess what, there is a weather alert: snow. I hope it won't be too bad.