Sunday, November 8, 2015

TToT (11) - All of November Should Be This Good

- one -
We are only a week into November and already it as been a great month.  After trick-or-treating with my niece, we spent the night at Sis and BIL's house and went to Mass and out to breakfast with them on the first.  What a perfect way to being the month!
- two -
I unexpectedly had a the day off on Wednesday.  Since the weather was perfect, we decided to go to the zoo.  I haven't been to the zoo in years and we had never been to this one.  Oh my goodness, what fun!
- three -
Three cheers for being silly!  Himself took a ride on the caterpillar in the zoo gardens.
- four -
Not to be outdone, I posed as a penguin!
- five -
And the alpaca posed for many pictures.
- six -
The zoo not only has a lot of animals, it has a lot of animal statues.  Some of them amused us more than others.
- seven -
The Bradford Pear tree in the backyard still has a few leaves left on it.  It never ceases to amaze me each year to see one tree with so many different colored leaves on it. 
- eight -
The awesome weather this week extended into the evenings.  My walks with the hairy beast were just lovely.
- nine -
Friday I was treated to lunch by my friend, T.  We could have talked all afternoon.  Unfortunately, I had to head back to work.
- ten -
When T. picked me up at work for lunch, she handed me a lovely pink box from the local cupcake store.  Isn't it great when a friend knows you so well that she knows exactly what flavor will make your eyes light up in anticipation?  The raspberry chocolate cupcake was delish!
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  1. I have heard great things about that zoo! A family friend used to work there. And yet we've never been. Sounds like you two had a perfect day off. It's making me smile to picture Himself on the caterpillar ride.

  2. A friend who brings you a cupcake is a friend indeed! We've enjoyed beautiful, fall weather lately, too. And your Bradford pear is lovely! We used to have a nice sized one in our backyard until a nasty ice storm took out half of it (the back half, so we didn't notice it right away).

    1. (lol! what? this thing is on? sorry…. but Dyanne's line "...the back half, so we didn't notice it right away made laugh and then cause me to recall the punchline to an old joke about the attempt to land a man on the Sun, when asked about how they would survive the incredible heat, they replied, "we'll go at night")
      I will stop interrupting and go back to reading your Post. (Very nice photos)

  3. Oddly I love both raspberries and chocolate but not together. Your pear tree is lovely in it's autumn colors.

  4. I haven't been to a zoo in years. Looked like fun!

  5. Cupcakes and lunches with friends.
    Nothing better than that.

  6. Your zoo looks nice...heading to ours today..hoping for good is a tad cool and windy...but a good friend with a cupcake is so wonderful.

  7. Raspberry chocolate anything is a great combination! What a nice friend to bring you one of your favorite cupcakes! It looks like you had a great trip to the zoo. Thank you for posting a photo of an alpaca. I think these animals as so cute. I like how you took a photo of it so perfectly framed.