Wednesday, October 28, 2015

There’s a Day for That

Did you know that today is National Chocolate Day?  I didn’t until I saw it on a food blog that I have just started following.

I have noticed lately that there seems to be a lot of “Days.” The obvious ones, the ones that you hear about the most, seem to be around a variety of professions.  National Nurses Day is on  May 6th.  We just missed Teachers Day on October 5th.  And sometime during the year there is Secretaries Day and Hug a Plumber Day.  Veterans Day is coming up on November 11th.

National Techies Day was October 3rd.  I missed that one.  I guess I was too busy celebrating our wedding anniversary.  October 4th, however, is a day not to be missed next year.  National Vodka Day?  Count me in!

There are days for just about any food.  I found fritters, cotton candy, gazpacho, bouillabaisse, maple syrup, roast suckling pig, oatmeal muffin, sangria, French fried shrimp, vinegar, doughnut, nachos, pickle, baklava, stuffing, French toast, whipped cream, popcorn, granola bar, Irish coffee, blueberry pancake, peanut butter and peanut brittle, homemade soup, frozen yogurt, fettuccine alfredo, tortellini, plum pudding, chocolate soufflé, and cream cheese brownie days.  Whew!  And those are just days in five months.  I didn’t look at the other seven.

I’m sorry I missed National Pro-Life Cupcake Day on October 9th.  I’ll put in on the calendar now so I don’t miss it next year.

There are some that just make me scratch my head.  Moldy Cheese Day was on October 9th and No Bra Day was October 13th.  Must I ask why?

We will be busy on December 2nd.  We will be celebrating National Mutt Day.

So how are you celebrating National Chocolate Day?  Me?  I think we’ll have brownies for dessert tonight.

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  1. There really is a day for just about anything. And I thought Pancake Day was my favorite...

  2. Happy National Chocolate Day! I made brownies today without even knowing it. My guardian Angel must have put the buzz in my ear :)

  3. October 23rd was National Slap an Irritating Coworker Day. Pretty sure that was completely made up, though someone was able to look it up somewhere. One of my coworkers and I kept that date a secret and shied away from anyone getting too close, just in case. We figured that we might be a little too irritating ourselves!

  4. I missed Chocolate day but did celebrate National Cat day with my kitties...Haaaa!!!