Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Dinner Party That Wasn't, or Was It?

A couple of weeks ago I called my husband's aunt and invited her and her husband over for dinner.  We planned on Sunday, the 18th, at 2pm.  Himself and I haven't seen them for a while, probably at a graduation or First Communion party, and were looking forward to their visit.
We spent yesterday cleaning and picking produce from our garden.  I made an apple pie and a loaf of pumpkin bread so that we would have a couple of choices for dessert.
Before church I prepped the carrots and potatoes that were going into the crockpot with the pot roast.  While I was setting the table, I mentioned to himself that we should do this more often, but just for ourselves.  He looked at me quizzically. 
I am admittedly not a good housekeeper.  I am great at keeping clutter at bay but I don't dust, vacuum or do all those other cleaning type things nearly often enough.  But, oh how good I feel when the house is clean!  I figured that we should do a deep clean more often and have our Sunday dinner in the dining room at a prettily set table.
Well, two o'clock came and went.  One of the roads nearby is closed for construction, so we thought that they might be delayed by the detour.
At about two thirty we started thinking that maybe they thought we had planned on 3pm.
When three o'clock passed, we started to get worried.  We were hoping and praying nothing bad had happened.
Finally, at about twenty after three I called his aunt.  Since she has caller ID she knew immediately who it was on the other end of the line.  She asked sheepishly "Are we supposed to be there this weekend?" 
Yep, she had written down our dinner plans for the 25th, not the 18th.  She felt so bad and couldn't apologize enough.  As long as they were okay and nothing bad had happened, we didn't care.
And, actually it worked out okay.  We did just what I had wanted to do in the future.  We had a dinner party for two.   


  1. Love it! I hope that you are able to do it more often, both with and without extra guests!

  2. I've been trying to implement the same at our house..

  3. I'm sure your aunt felt horrible about the mix-up. I'm glad you went ahead and ate at the pretty table and enjoyed your meal anyway.

  4. A lovely day, despite the mix-up. Glad you could fix it by enjoying it just the two of you. :)