Sunday, October 4, 2015

TToT (10) - Here, There and Everywhere

Thank you for all the wonderful comments last week.  I was traveling for work and did not get to respond or comment as I would have liked.  But, alas, this is a new week and the possibilities are endless! 
- one-
Both of my flights and the above said trip not only left on time, they both arrived early.  I was in my rental car at the time my first flight was supposed to arrive.  Got to like that!

- two-
 The weather was perfect, unlike the last time I made this trip.  Highs were anywhere from mid-seventies to low nineties and the sky was crystal clear blue.  Beautiful!

- three-
While in Denver I took in a baseball game at Coors Field.  Since neither team playing was my team, I had to root, root, root for the home team, and, while I did not stay to the very end, they pulled out a win in the bottom of the ninth.

 - four-
A former coworker told me about a festival that was going on that weekend in Estes Park.  I called it the 'beer and brats' festival, though I'm sure it had a better name.  The beer and brats, however, were mighty tasty.

- five -
At the festival there was a great Eagles cover band.  They did an excellent jobs and made people watching especially enjoyable.  If only I could have gotten a picture of the couple dancing that were wearing matching kilts!
- six -
I had little bit of time before I left for the airport on the way home, so I stopped the at the train depot in downtown Cheyenne. 
- seven -
Usually I drive myself to the airport and take a shuttle back and forth to the parking.  This time Himself drove me.  What a glorious sight to come home to after a long day of traveling!

- eight -
We spent Friday wandering a local arts show that we attend every year.  Himself bought a print of the picture below for me.  It's going to be the focal point of my office when I redecorate it this fall.  We had a great conversation with the artist, a gentleman from New Jersey.

- nine -
It rained and was cool yesterday, just like it was seventeen years ago.  It was a great day just to laze about, read, relax and enjoy only the second fire of the season.  Seventeen years ago we a bit busier.

- ten -
We celebrated our 17th anniversary yesterday.  Where did the time go???
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  1. I've been vegetarian for so long, but somehow hot dogs still look tasty to me. A lazy rainy day with a fire and a book sounds delightful.

  2. Such a wonderful list. I used to live in Denver and for awhile in Boulder. The mention of Estes Park brought so many lovely memories and mind pictures. Happy Anniversary.

  3. good trip that has you driving away from the airport at the time you should be just arriving… like a secret gift of free time.
    congrats on the anniversary

  4. Happy Anniversary! Sounds like you enjoyed a lovely celebration.

  5. I love Estes Park! I'd go there as often as possible if Kansas weren't in the way....
    I sure wish you had a picture of kilt wearers dancing to an Eagles cover band. That would certainly be worth a thousand words!

  6. Happy 17th and that's certainly something to celebrate, as a lot of marriages don't seem to make it to that point. Glad there's still some. Sounds like you enjoyed it immensely, with art.

  7. Happy anniversary!! How nice that you got to experience some local fun while you were traveling for work!
    I hope your rental car was better than mine. :)

  8. It sounds like you had a wonderful anniversary! That photo of the train depot is wonderful. I would love to see the inside. Your print is beautiful! What a great gift.