Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thankful Thursday (10)

Today I am thankful for. . .

* The blog world.  With all the news this week over the White House’s edict, it has been both encouraging and refreshing to read posts of people who “get it.”  This isn’t a financial issue, it is a moral one. 

* The Internet.  We have so many more sources of information and communication now.  We don’t need to rely on the mainstream media for our news. 

* This headline. 

* This forecast.  In our neck of the woods, in February, this is a treat.  Last year we were buried under mountains of snow and had highs only in the twenties.    Looks like Friday is going to be a good day to play hooky.  Here we come Amish country!  Cheese anyone?

* Tax software.  It makes an unpleasant process so much easier and faster.

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  1. We're having similar weather where I live. At first I thought it was odd... then I remembered that last year at this time we had 2 feet of snow! I'll take 50 degrees over that any day!

  2. I have been loving all of your posts lately, although you wouldn't know it because I have just been lurking. Of course there is a mild winter after we move away! LOL