Friday, February 24, 2012

Quick Takes (23) - The Query Edition

The Query Edition

Is anyone else going through "Downton Abbey" withdrawal?  We recently heard about the show and bought the DVDs.  We spent the last two weekends watching all the episodes and absolutely loved it.  For whatever reason, we thought there were three seasons and were so, so disappointed to find out that, no, there were only two.  At least season two ended on a good note!


We’ve been watching more movies lately.  A few weeks ago I picked up The Illusionist and a week after that we watched Super 8.  We’re looking for suggestions – but nothing too violent, gory or vulgar.  Any recommendations?

Stupid, stupid colds!  We haven’t been sick in a number of years.  We’ve successfully avoided the flu, head colds and sinus infections for a long time.  But this season seems to be different.  I don’t know where we are picking them up, but we’re on our second go round of sneezing, coughing, runny noses and itchy eyes.  What OTC cold relievers work for you?

Want to see the cutest puppy picture ever?  We entered a picture I took of Jack and his buddy, Lucy, in the Orvis contest.  Check out the picture here.

How's your Lent starting out?  Only day 3 and I've almost cheated twice.  Operative word is almost.  It's been a rough week, but as the weekend is here, it's about to get better.
“No sceptical philosopher can ask any questions that may not equally be asked by a tired child on a hot afternoon.”
- GKC in George Bernard Shaw

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  1. Oh my! This has been a bad year for colds/flus etc. for us too. We've been trying all sorts of things. I do find that using garlic-mullein oil eardrops seem to help prevent ear infections :)

    I just finished watching the first season of DA. Can't wait to start the second :) As for movies, we don't watch many but we did just see the Illusionist and enjoyed it... but I don't have any recommendations sorry.

  2. #1: Yes, me! Didn't plan on getting addicted to that show, but I did!

    #4: The best cold relief I've found is drinking decaf tea, gluing myself to the couch, and watching something mindless.

  3. #1 feeding the need for DA- Netfliask instant has a couple BBC Dickens classic that are very satisfying: Bleak House & Little Dorrit.

    1. *Netflix (not sure what happened with that spell correct !)

  4. #1 - I've never watched it - but everyone is talking about it all the time, so I'm having Downtown Abbey "leftoutedness"

    #3 - Behind the Painted Veil. I love gangster movies (The Departed (though from it's name, I'm sure you can guess it can get pretty violent, I do love it though) is a great Irish mob movie); and of course Batman. Christian Bale is the best!

    #4 - Hmm, I pretty much refuse to take medication, but when I do, I tend to just go for something to help me sleep - a tylenol cold pm or something like that.

    #5 - Adorable!

    #6 - We'll go with 'so so.'

    #7 - wait, that's not a question!

  5. Like Rebecca, I need to get with it and watch Downton Abbey. :-)
    The picture of Jack is SO CUTE! I hope you win!!!
    Hmmm ... movies ... have you seen "Inception"? I'm trying to think what other good movies I've liked. But that's the only one that comes to mind. Well, that and The Blind Side. :-) Have a great weekend!