Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lord have mercy!

On the drive in to work yesterday, the talk radio station I listen to
reported a shooting at an area high school. First reports seemed to
indicate that some students were wounded, superficially. That wasn't
the case. One young man died on the scene and another passed away

All this was at the hands of a seventeen year old young man.

People are stunned, heartbroken. No one saw it coming.

Please pray for them.




  1. On Valentines Day 2008, several were killed on the NIU campus (35 miles west of us) at the hands of a student. So sad.

    I do still remember Columbine very well too.

    So very sad; I wish there was a way to help these kids that are having troubles.

  2. I live in DeKalb where NIU is and that shooting still effects us to this day. It's so sad when something that shocking happens in your hometown. The beauty is that the town becomes closer and people reach out. You are in my prayers along with the victims and the shooter. May God bring you peace.