Monday, June 27, 2011

This, That and the Others

I seem to be an all or nothing sort of person.  I either have a lot to say, or not much of anything.  DH would tell you that the latter happens fairly infrequently.  He probably would be right, but we won’t tell him that!

Here are a couple things I’ve been mulling over.  There are still a few others, but I want to put them in their own posts.

* For Corpus Christi yesterday we processed after Mass with the Eucharist through the neighborhood by our church.  The Knights of Columbus were there as escorts and the ushers carried a beautiful red and gold canopy over Father and the monstrance.  I had never participated in a procession like that before.  DH said as a child they used to do that often, though even more elaborately.  I’m grateful our pastor feels demonstrations of our faith like this are important.  It can never be too old-fashioned to bring Christ out into the world.

* At work I sit next to a gentleman that is an observant Jew.  Although we differ on the basic tenant of our faith, Jesus Christ is our Savior, there’s so much we do seem to agree upon.  Lately we have been talking a lot about life and death.  He just lost his mother-in-law a little over a week ago and is trying to help his wife and three kids through it all.  They could all really use your prayers.

* So far, so good.  Mama Bluebell is still guarding her eggs and critters haven’t discovered them.  The eggs should be hatching any day now.  I can’t wait to see them.

* I’ve had weird dreams, but I think last night’s takes the prize.  I dreamt that I gave birth to a fetal pig but the doctors wanted to put it back in me so it could grow some more.  Where in the world did that come from???

* Well, it’s officially summer – I got my annual case of poison ivy.  At first I thought it was a bug bite and I scratched it.  So, a little poison ivy goes a long way!


  1. Looking forward to pics of the baby birds!

  2. Your dream blows my mind. That is totally crazy. Sorry about the poison ivy.