Thursday, June 9, 2011

Blogger Meet Up - I'm so Thankful. . .

. . .to have gotten to meet and have a great dinner with Thankful from Always Giving Thanks and her beautiful daughter Addie!  We've only got a little more time that she will be an Ohio blogger before moving out west so we just had to get together.  It was such fun and like meeting an old friend for the first time.  I really wish we would have done this sooner.  It's such a treat to be able to talk with someone about everything and anything.

Addie is just so sweet natured I instantly fell in love with her.  It was wonderful to get to snuggle up with her while her mama and I chatted away.  You can see where Addie gets her good looks from!

Thankful & Addie


  1. Doubly thankful over here! Hope we can meet up again before we move.

  2. Oh... I've met Thankful too... she is way fun!!

  3. Thankful rocks!! Addie too! What a blessing to spend time with them. Great picture!