Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Almost Heaven . . . West Virginia!

DH and I needed a little change of scenery this past weekend, so we dropped Jack off at the dog sitter and headed to one of our favorite “go to” places – Wheeling, WV.  It’s amazing what 36 hours or so away from home can do to refresh you mind and body, heart and soul. 

We hit the casino and greyhound races – to “play the puppies” as I call it.  Did you know that can win and you still come away with less money than you started with?  The odds on the one dog were so bad that a $5 bet yielded only a $3.20 return!

We played miniature golf at Oglebay and went to Wheeling’s rib-burn off where we ate great ribs and mac 'n cheese and listened to a terrific country band.  Of course we had to go to Oglebay’s Good Zoo so I could see the baby zebra and feed the Lorekeets.  They are basically parrots, native to Australia.  For a dollar you can buy a small cup of nectar and the birds just flock to you.  I find it hoot.  Or in this case, a squawk.


  1. You were in WV?!?!? You must live close by :) - we are from Morgantown.

    I love all the pics - but couldn't stand the birds that close to me - yikes!

  2. What a great belly laugh- no wonder you felt better after your trip! Glad you had a good time.