Monday, June 13, 2011

Sensory Overload

Do you ever feel like you have sensory overload?  I was driving to work this morning I had this crushing feeling of too much.  I usually listen to talk radio on the way up to catch the news and traffic reports but I had to turn it off.  With all the traffic it just felt like too much was coming at me and I couldn’t take it all in.  And the feeling continued at work as well.  I sit in an office with seven other people and the chattering, the printer grinding away, the clicking of keyboards, the humming of the air conditioning fans, the beeping of a cell phone being dialed, people walking in the hallway, and doors opening and closing just seemed to be all too much.

I am craving the thought of being home,  listening to nothing other than the birds chattering away and the water flowing in the stream - listening to God’s creations not man’s. 


Oh well, one hour down, seven to go.


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