Monday, June 6, 2011

Cranky is as cranky does

Boy was I cranky when I got home.  I think it was the Monday let down.  We had such a great weekend.  It wasn't anything spectacular and yet it was. 

Saturday we drove up to my aunt's house to get logs from the great big maple she had cut down.  It had been hit by lightening a couple of years ago and was dying from the inside out.  We'll have some great fires from it next fall and winter.  Afterwards we took her out to brunch.  It was nice just for the three of us to visit, usually it's with a whole load of family.  This time we truely got to hear what was on her mind.

Later that evening, when the sun wasn't so strong, we worked out in the yard.  It's been fun to see the gardens take shape.  I really enjoyed listening to the Indians game while I pulled weeds with the sweat rolling down my back.  It was rather satisfying.  Unfortunately, the outcome of the baseball game wasn't the same.

Sunday a friend joined us for dinner, steaks on the grill.  Afterwards we sat on the patio and watch the bluebirds, now known as Bluebell and Barney, duke it out with the house wren for control of the bird house.  I'm glad to say the bluebirds won.  And, yes, we tend to name a lot of the critters that wander into out yard.

And then we get to today.  New construction on the highway brought traffic to a creepy crawl on the way to work.  And once I got there, it was a slooooow and boring day.  So, I was cranky when I got home. 

DH to the rescue.  He sat me down on the patio and we watched the bluebirds work on their nest.

I was reminded of the spectacular. . .

. . and I am happy!


  1. I was in a really sad mood last night - and then tonight as I was running I realized my mind was still on the same things, but I didn't feel so sad.

    The only difference was yesterday I was riding in a car w/o much conversation and today I was out for a run. There's just something about being outside and seeing God at work that puts it all in perspective. At least it did for me in the last 24 hours.

    Glad you are happy today :).

  2. Thanks to you both!

    We had a nest in the box a few years ago, but think a snake got to the eggs. We're hoping this time will be different. They are such beautiful birds and have a great song as well.