Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Sand Pail Report - v1


Am I ever so glad we created our Sand Pail List!  We have been having a great summer discovering new things, some just right around the corner and others a little further away. 
After almost nine years of driving past the local ice cream haunt we finally stopped.  Actually, we've gone there twice.  It's good, cheap ice cream and we've gotten to enjoy the local scenery.  The first time we walked across the street and sat at the ball diamond.  The second time we were entertained by two littles of a family that shared our table.  The eighteen-month-old was enjoying both his and his dad's treats while the two month old baby ogled her mama's!

In our quest to visit a new-to-us state park we took a drive to Malabar Farm.  I knew nothing of this park other than it was a reasonable drive away.  On the tour of "The Big House" we got a history lesson about author Louis Bromfield.  He was a prolific writer with a keen interest in land preservation.  He became friends with Humphrey Bogart when they were both "nobodies" and was best man in two of his weddings, the second of which was to Lauren Bacall, which was held at the farm.  I can see us going back to this park as we only scratched the surface of what is to be discovered there.

The Big House
Mama goat and babies


Bromfield's study


  1. Wow, those sound like a lot of fun! I'm glad the sand pail list is going well. :)

  2. Wow, that sounds like so much fun! You also reminded me that I really need to start my sand pail list :)