Sunday, June 30, 2013

I’m Watching you, too!

There is a local car dealership nearby that has had a tradition of putting large inflatables on its roof. There have been snowmen and Santa Clauses at Christmas, an Easter bunny, monsters at Halloween and patriotic clad characters around other holidays. My favorite was the giant hamster.   

The dealership is right next to the highway in a commercial area that is highly trafficked. Apparently there are some in this little township that have something against these inflatables. They find them cheesey or tacky or distracting. So a battle has begun between the dealership and the township trustees in an attempt to limit and/or remove them. The trustees created a law, when read, is obvious in its intent. No inflatables are permitted with so many feet of a highway – almost exactly the distance the dealership is from it.  

Of course the dealership is fighting this regulation. And they seem to have a great sense of humor about it. I just love their latest “resident”.



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  1. Ha! While that guy is a little creepy, I love the sense of humor :).