Thursday, June 28, 2012

Life on Hold?

I remember way back when, when we were hoping and trying to have babies, how life seemed to be lived in two week increments – CD1 to peak to waiting, hoping for that BFP.  It often times seemed like life was on hold. I didn’t want to get a season pass to the local amusement park,  just in case.  I didn’t want to commit to vacation plans,  just in case.  I wouldn’t drink that glass of wine or beer, you’ve got it,  just in case.

Somewhere along the line I figured out that if I kept living life like that I was going to be missing a whole lot of it.  And if that BFP didn’t ever happen, and it didn’t, where would I be?  Probably wishing I had done things differently.  So we did.  We chose to live life boldly and appreciate the here and now.

What reminded me of this is the mess a of room that is our dining room, now “storage room”,  that currently holds all the displaced living room furniture.  Lamps and tables and boxes clutter the floor and make the room unusable for the time being.

It was so tempting to put off having company until the decorating was complete.  The house is a mess, don’t come over.  Had we did that, though, we would have missed an awesome visit with my cousins who were visiting from Florida.  We would have not had potato pancakes and fresh kilbasa with my in-laws.  We would still be waiting to catch up with friends.

We keep plugging away at the decorating.  I have been working on the curtains and we just found out that the carpeting will be installed tomorrow.  We’ll still have pictures to print and frame.  And I want to sew some new pillows for the couch and it will take a while.  But heck if I’m putting the rest of life on hold!



  1. Good attitude!! I am constantly having conversations with myself about this exact issue. Our living room is not decorated and our basement is dirty and gross. We still have people over because of the same reasons you gave! When I go to other people's homes that aren't decorated like Better Homes and Gardens, I'm actually relieved. It's nice to see others enjoying life in the midst of circumstances that cause controlled chaos! Good luck with those curtains ;)

  2. Thank-you for the reminder to continue living life and not waiting around for a BFP that might not come. It is my biggest fear - that in 5, 10 years I look back and realize I missed out on the life God gave me because I was too busy focusing on *my* plans.

    So glad you got to enjoy friends and family!

  3. Ditto on losing precious time to enjoy all that life has to offer..when waiting for a bfp. Goodness. I can't tell you how much time I (we) spent waiting and hoping. Once we gave it to God and let it go...we began to enjoy the relationship and life God gave us. We are no longer afraid to plan. Of course, this summer we put of planning much because we know I need surgery again. Which is now not going to happen! Ugh!

  4. I can't wait to see your after pictures! Room remodeling does take what seems like forever, especially if you just work on it on weekends. And then I just want to relax. :-)
    I have had the same attitude ... I'll just wait until this ... and put my life on hold. Well, no more! You are right ... I don't want to wait and wish I'd done something different.