Thursday, June 21, 2012

One Lovely Blog Award

Mary at St. Henry II gave me this award. What fun! I've enjoyed her blog for a while now and have been inspired by her choice to be a Prayer Warrior for Larisa. Thank you, Mary!

Here are the steps to follow after receiving this award:
· Share who gave it to you with a link back to their blog.
· Write down seven random facts about yourself.
· Give this award to fifteen other bloggers.
· Let them know they’ve won.
· Pop the award on your blog.

Seven random facts about me:

· I can't whistle, not one bit. When I try, it sounds like howling wind.

· I can't hula hoop either. This girl's hips just don't move that way!

· Many, many years ago I traveled to Russia and while in Moscow was detained by the police.

· In grade school I took guitar, flute and french horn lessons.  Unfortunately, I didn't stick with any of them.  I wish I had.

· The longest distance I've ever run is 20 miles.

·  I used to be terrified of speaking in public.  I got over it and even gave a speech in front of 500 people. 

· If I had to choose between chocolate and vanilla ice cream, I would choose vanilla, every single time.

I am giving this award to:

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  1. So glad you're praying for Larisa! I love your seven random facts too.

  2. Love the facts too. Somehow, it's hard to believe you've been detained by the police. Sweet Donna? Thanks for the nod- you are surely one lovely blog. One I look forward to reading everytime a post pops up in my blogroll!