Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thankful Thursday (17)

This week I am thankful for. . .

Family – This past weekend we put in our vegetable garden.  My in-laws used to put in a large garden when Himself was growing up, but haven’t done so in the last few years.  I think my father-in-law really misses it as he volunteered to help us put ours in.  What could have been a very long, difficult job was done in just a few hours.

Good weather – It’s been sunny and comfortable around here lately and about to get a bit warmer.  Bring on that summer weather!

Days off from work – We didn’t do anything involved or extravagant, just a walk in the park and lunch at a local tavern yesterday, but what a sweet way to spend the day with my honey!

Homemade bread – FIL has been hinting about getting a loaf of homemade rye bread.  So, Saturday before they came over I mixed up a loaf and baked it while they were here.  It smelled so good, so Tuesday I made a load for us.  Oh my goodness, it was great!  A definite keeper recipe.


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  1. I love fresh bread too. I have never made bread though. We've been having really pleasant weather too...I just love it! Spent a good part of today outside.