Monday, June 4, 2012

I didn’t know their names

This morning I ran down to get a snack at the little lunch counter that’s in the building where I work.  On the front of the deli case was taped the picture of this young man along with a printout of this story.  I was wondering why, and unfortunately, would soon find out.  I read the story and didn’t recognize any of the names mentioned in it. 

From the somber look of the face of young gal working today, I knew it was bad. 

The other lady that works here? 

Yes.  It was her son. 

I didn’t know her name.  I didn’t put it all together. 

His mom, Paula, should have been behind the counter working this morning.  Instead she is planning a funeral.

I looked at the young gal working.  I talk to her often.  She’s a delightful young lady who is an extremely talented artist.  She’s planning on attending a local university in the fall to further hone her drawing and painting skills. 

And you?  I asked her.

Her name is Daisy.



  1. So sad. :(

    Will keep this family in my prayers.

    And Daisy is blessed to have someone who cared to ask her name today.