Sunday, July 1, 2012

Here’s your sign

Do you have something that you take as a sign from God or the angels or the saints?  Some people, after praying to St. Therese or to the Virgin Mary, look for a rose that their prayer has been answered, or at least heard.  For whatever reason, for me, it has always been a deer.

This morning when I walked Jack I wasn’t exactly praying.  More like grumbling my way through our walk.  The hairy beast woke me up at 6am and then again at 6:30 wanting his morning stroll.  So, when we finally made it out at about seven, I was feeling very put upon. 

Lately it seems everyone and everything wants a part of me, and wants or needs more than I sometimes have to give.  The gardens need tending, the curtains need sewing, bread needs to be baked, groceries need to be bought.  My current work contract is soon ending so I am on the job hunt once again.  That means many phone calls and interviews, even at times I find mighty inconvenient (like this evening??).  Jack wants what he wants when he wants it, not later, but now.  Even if it is 6am and I’m still trying to sleep.

All that, and more, was going through my head as we walked our neighborhood.  Instead of enjoying the sunshine and relatively cool temperatures, I was a bitchin’ and a moanin’, even if it was just to myself. 

As we headed toward home we came around a curve in the road and saw the most beautiful doe wandering in the shadows of the neighbor’s front yard.  We stopped and watched her and she looked at us curiously then wandered off.  It was beautiful and peaceful.

Here’s your sign!



  1. A beautiful reminder that even when we are grumbling and complaining God is listening. And He will give us what we need if we just open our eyes to see it.

    What a beautiful gift He gave you this morning. (Though I totally hear ya on the 6am dog walking - my 2 know better, most of the time....)

  2. Aww- what a beautiful story. God also uses nature to slap me upside the head when I need it. He's so gentle with us isn't He? Thanks for sharing.

  3. Did Jack not go after the deer in curiosity? My dogs get very excited around the deer.

    Our dogs also don't beg to go on walks, but when you say the word "Walk", they pop right up and start dancing around! We walk every morning...but on the weekends, it is usually not until 9 or 10. They enjoy laying around for a few more hours!

  4. No, he'll look at them for a bit and then go back to sniffing around.

    I wish he would sleep in! When the sun is up so is he, unfortunately.

  5. What a beautiful reminder!!! I've been so busy lately that I haven't paid attention to the signs around me. I will definitely try to pause and see what the Lord is trying to tell me!

  6. YES - the deer was your sign! :-)
    I have cats so we don't have to go on early morning walks. LOL My parents have a cat that gets them up about 4:30 am and starts clawing at their door, for them to get up and let him outside. It wouldn't be a big deal, except he has claws ... so he is noisy!