Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The soft ends

Ah!  We made it to Spring.  Glorious, sun-shiny, warm Spring.  Given all the Signs of Spring posts I’ve done lately, my guess is that you have already figured out that I love this time of year.  And I do.  A lot. 

It’s not just the weather that I love.  I crave the newness and the freshness of it.  It is the beginning of something good.  It has possibilities.  It is not harsh or oppressive.

I often call Spring and Fall the soft ends of the year, just as morning and evening are the soft ends of the day.  They are gentle, undemanding.  They ease you into what comes next.  Or they just let you be.  Summer and Winter are harsh, insistent, raucous.  The sun is either high and hot or hiding and dim. 

The colors are fresh now.  Maybe it's because everything, not too long ago, was gray and brown and dirty.  The flowers seem to sing for joy.  And I am too!



  1. Here in Chicago, we went from Winter to Summer...and skipped Spring. I think every day in the past week has set a new record high. I think tomorrow it is suppose to be 87 degrees. A/C in March...really?!

  2. I'm near Chicago too and I had the AC on in the car today. It's humid in our house right now. I also love spring and fall. I never thought about them being soft ends- great reflection.

  3. I love the spring flowers. And they bloomed so early for us this year! Hooray!!!