Friday, March 9, 2012

The Adventures of Jack, part 2 – or Destructo Dog

Little did I know how completely unprepared I was for raising a puppy.  We had watched my sister’s dog, Hershey, a number of times, but she is an older, well trained, settled dog.  A puppy is so very completely different.

We had to go out one day soon after getting him, so instead of taking the chance that he would have an “accident” in the house, we decided to lock him in the laundry room.  Big mistake.  The door, the molding and the drywall all paid the price.

After that, we would just let him roam the house when we were gone.  Our Jack is mister social and didn’t like being left alone.  He suffered from a bit of separation anxiety and took it out one various things throughout the house.  We would take bets as to what would be destroyed when we got home.  At various times in his puppyhood, he managed to chew on, tear apart, mangle or destroy:

curtains, pillows, his bed, guest bedroom comforter, many rolls of TP, several baseball caps and a number of shoes and a couple of bras, Bob Feller baseball card, firewood, tennis balls, kitchen chairs, tissue boxes, lots of stuffed animals, a just released library book, a wooden carving, kitchen and entryway throw rugs, a couple of leashes, the electric cord to a lamp, two of Himself's books including the "Regan Letters"

Owning a puppy was much, much more expensive than I had anticipated.  There were all the things I knew he needed, food, leash & collar, vet visits, but the replacement and repair of things destroyed caught me off guard.



  1. oh my!!! What a handful- and lots of fun! My sis had a dog that did the same thing and we all loved that dog. What a character!

  2. And you still love him! :-) He's a cutie. I didn't realize dogs (rather, puppies) were quite so destructive! I'm amazed by all the things Jack has destroyed. No wonder you were blindsided by all the "repair bills."