Monday, March 12, 2012

Discussing the merits of vacuums

Yesterday we went to the confirmation party of a cousin’s son.  After dinner we were sitting with my in-laws and several aunts and an uncle.  The discussion, at one point, revolved around vacuum cleaners. 

Which was better Dyson or Oreck?  If you had a Dyson, ball or no ball?  We decided no ball was better because the canister was larger and therefore would have to be emptied less often.  Then there are the Hoovers.  They have been around forever, but jeez, why can’t they keep the bags the same?  It’s really hard, sometimes impossible, to find the ones that connect on the bottom.  And remember the door-to-door Kirby Vacuum salesmen?  Do they still have them?  The vacuums were really expensive and powerful, almost selfpropelled, but way too heavy to carry up the stairs.

Is that what all the adults were talking about when we were little?  I remember seeing everyone at the “adult” table back then and thought they were having deep, meaningful conversations that were solving mankind’s greatest philosophical issues.  Now to find out that they were really comparing the merits of different small appliances just shatters that illusion.

Hey!  About that blender. . .



  1. I'm a huge fan of my Oreck.

    Yep, the grown-up table is no where near as much fun as it looked. I figure, it's like most grown-up things...couldn't wait to be an adult, and now I'd love a day or two of college back - especially if the weather is like it was yesterday!

  2. I know the feeling... And I LOVE my Riccar. IT IS AMAZING!!!!!

  3. I've been in the market for a new vacuum, but it's fallen off the radar with all of the new hospital bills.

    I do LOVE my Vitamix. It's my favourite appliance!!!

  4. LOL!!!!!
    My parents bought a Kirby several years ago from a door-to-door salesman. I have no idea why. They never vacuum (I swear, they're not from the show Hoarders), but they had to have the best. I just shake my head. That vacuum is heavy as hell! And a hose to get in the corners?!?!? Forgetaboutit.
    I LOVE my Dyson. I have the one w/o the ball. Aside from me breaking a little piece of it, it works GREAT! It picks up LOTS of cat hair ... which I need ... as I have 4 cats. Yep. LOTS of cat hair! :-)