Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pulling Weeds

I was looking at my Mary garden this week and saw an invasion of weeds.  Somehow it struck me that the weeds are like sin.  If we don’t pull them out, they grow and spread and take over.

I often use a product called Preen on my gardens.  It is both a weed preventer and a fertilizer.  The directions state that it should be used regularly and as needed.

Perhaps we could all use a little Preen in our lives.  Weed out the bad and fertilize the true, the good and the beautiful.  How?  How about:

          P - Prayer
          R - Reconciliation
          E - Eucharist
          E - Eucharistic Adoration
          N - Never stop trying



  1. You could change the 2nd e to Eucharistic Adoration ;)

  2. Dumb question: what's a Mary garden?

  3. Not a dumb question. A Mary garden is one that is dedicated to Our Lady. It usually uses flowers that are named in her honor or have some significance. Some are Lady's Mantle (or Mary's Mantle), Monkshood (or Mary's Slipper), Marigolds, and Roses. A good site to check out is

  4. love it! We are so very blessed by our church, aren't we?

  5. Great post - you are so stinkin' smart to put things like this together. Thanks for sharing your genius with us! :)

  6. Thankful-
    I share your wonder at the
    gift God presented me on my
    wedding day.

    "Thankful" is a great name
    and attitude. Happiness doesn't
    produce gratitude; gratitude
    produces happiness.

    "I would maintain that thanks
    are the highest form of thought
    and that gratitude is happiness
    doubled by wonder." - G K Chesterton