Friday, July 8, 2011

Quick Takes (11)

- 1-
The veggie garden is doing well this year.  And as I write this, I realized I forgot to turn the hose on.  It won't be doing well for long if it doesn't get water!  It's not a big garden, but we have a nice variety of plants. 

romaine lettuce



- 2 -
I think I mentioned the Goodreads website once before.  On the explore tab, they have drawings for books.  I just won my 14th!  I certainly have a lot of reading to do.  I've won mostly fiction and am looking forward to checking out new authors.

- 3 -
A friend recently started his own blog.  I've know Michael for over twenty years and we've seen each other go through a lot of life changes.  He's a talented writer with a funny sense of humor.  If you're looking for something very different from the Catholic/infertility/faith blog scene, check him out. 

- 4 -
Who knows about your blogs?  Have you told family or friends about them?  Only DH and one friend, who also deals with IF, knows about it.  I struggle with wanting to share it and keeping it my thing.  How did you decide whom to tell?

- 5 -
I was looking for something in the basement a couple of weeks ago and came upon this lovely lady - my first baby doll.  I think she's so ugly she's cute.  Notice the missing hair.  Apparently I found the hair pretty tasty and often ate it as a baby.  Mom had proof positive that's what was happening when she changed my diaper! 

 - 6 -
The mulch still isn't done.  Will it ever be???  Where, oh where, are the mulch fairies?

- 7 -
“There are only two kinds of people, those who accept dogmas and know it, and those who accept dogmas and don’t know it.”
– GK Chesterton, The Mercy of Mr. Arnold Bennett, Fancies vs. Fads 

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Have a great weekend!


  1. I haven't told anyone in real life I'm blogging, and I pretty much hope they don't find out! I find it's scary enough putting myself out there on the internet, without the pressure of worrying what my friends and family will think about what I write.

    Love that Chesterton quote - thanks!


  2. Love the quote by Chesterton and like Maya, I haven't told anyone about my blog except my hubbie. I'm thinking about telling my sister. She is probably the only one who would understand....The veggies look great- yum!