Saturday, July 16, 2011


Echinacea.  I just like saying it.  Sounds better than its common name Cone Flower.    Actually, it’s one of my favorite flowers and I have a bunch of them behind my house.  You know it.  It's the purple one that everyone has in their garden.  Except that now there's a lot more than just purple. 

I think Sunrise has to be my favorite.  The picture just doesn't do it justice.  It's a beautiful mix of pinks and oranges.  It's part of the Big Sky series -Sunrise, Sunset, Midnight, Harvest Moon, Summer Sky. 

The next one I had to buy just because of its name - Primadonna.  And it's really lovely too.


 I just love the vivid color of Tiki Torch.  Another great name.

Tiki Torch
 DH and I are big wine drinkers.  This one reminded me of some of our trips to both local and distant wineries.
Vintage Wine
I bought this at a nursery that is on the way home from Cedar Point last summer when I went out there with my dad.  I think he bought the same one then too.  Nice memories.
Double Delight

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