Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Time Marches On

Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin'
Into the future
Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin'
Into the future

Holy cow!  I look at the calendar and am amazed that it is the end of May already.  Where has this month gone?  I had such big plans for May; so much to do and such great weather.

I ordered my mulch and had it delivered a couple of three weeks ago with the intention of having it done by the end of the month.  Unless the mulch fairies show up, that isn’t going to happen.

We wanted to take a short weekend getaway and have a blogger meet-up.  Maybe next month??

I finally got the material for the new living room curtains and wanted to have those sewn and hung up.  Really?

It seems the BIG plans took a back seat to a whole lot of little things.  I did quite a bit of weeding, baked bread often, took more picture than I have been. 

We watched the neighbors’ dog Lucy while they attended the funeral of Kim’s mom and visited with relatives that came in from out of town for the services.  Lucy is a good dog, though a bit of a handful and high maintenance.

We prepped the land for the new vegetable garden.  We listened to the birds sing while we drank our morning coffee. 

We had a morning visit from this creature whom we named Sunny.

And several visits from this guy and a couple of his friends.

I sat on the patio and watched a terrific lightening show roll on in and rejoiced in the rain that followed.

So what if the mulch isn’t done.  We enjoyed the little things.



  1. Here's what happened in my head when I read this post:

    "What?! It's the end of May?! Yikes time flies."

    "We just dog sat for a high maintenance dog too. I sure am glad our two are pretty mellow."

    "Is that a turtle?" I'll click on it to make it bigger. Oh, yep, a turtle, let's just scroll to the next one while I'm here...

    "Whaaa? Why would she post THAT picture?!? Here I thought Donna was my friend and she posts this?!?!" Quick!closethewindowclosethewindowclosethewindow.

    It's not any better when it's small. Yikes these posts should have warnings.

    Oh, but I do like thunderstorms and lightening.

    Why would she put a snake on her blog?"

    And now I'm going to go try to untraumatize myself.

    Can you promise not to bring that last friend along when we do meet up?

  2. Oh my...that snake is huge...and you saw that in your yard? Yuck! I'd never go outside again. I hate snakes.

  3. If there is one thing I am afraid of...its snakes...eeek!

    Where did May go? Our garden is so DRY...I don't think it rained a drop the whole week we were on vacation. I think it is suppose to rain tomorrow though...thank goodness.

    Yes, June is just about here...((Sigh))

  4. I can't believe that it's the end of May! I had many lofty, unaccomplished goals too.

    I can't believe you had a snake in your backyard! That's nuts!

  5. Yep, he's in our backyard! I saw a smaller one out front. The big guy in back is about 30" long.

    They startle me more than scare me. And, actually they are very pretty.

    He did show up a couple times in my dreams, or should I say nightmares?

  6. I also find it easier to get my flower-transplanting done in my head, rather than in real life. I can't tell you how many times I've "theoretically" moved those flowers. LOL I'm with you ... it will get done ... someday. I'm glad you're enjoying all the little things!