Thursday, May 24, 2012

Support groups???

Hi!  My name is Jack and I am a kleptomaniac.

Hi Jack!

It started when I was just a puppy.  My humans were doing yard work so I ran off.  When I finally came home, running through the mud and the muck, they had this shocked look on their faces, staring at what I was carrying in my mouth.  They thought I killed a baby raccoon or bunny.  It was just some other dog’s toy that I liked.  So I took it.  To this day they don't know from where I snitched it and I'll never tell. 

My cousin dog, Hershey, has a few good toys.  When we went to visit last time, I took her puppy.  Hershey’s old, she’ll never miss it.

My next door neighbor, Lucy, has really great stuffies.  I went over there yesterday for a visit and left with my fourth toy from her this spring.  It’s an unstuffed bunny.  She’ll never miss it!  Himself tried to return it, but I snatched it back from Lucy’s human and she just laughed.  She thinks I’m adorable!

My female human just looks at me and shakes her head.  She thinks I need help.  I don’t think so, do you?



  1. Oh. my. gosh. Hilarious!

    (Mei Mei says: Tell your female human to consider all the money you are saving them :).)

  2. lol very cute! I miss having a dog.

  3. LOL!!!
    My parents have a cat who is a kleptomaniac as well, except she does all of her stealing inside the house. :-)