Friday, March 25, 2011

Quick Takes (4)

- 1-
When I took Jack out for his morning walk it was 19 degrees.  Nineteen!  It's Spring, it should be warmer than that.  But the birds were chattering and singing away.  If they don't mind the cold, why should I?

- 2 -
Friends, K & S, are coming over for dinner tonight.  We're just having cheese pizza, but that's not what I am looking forward to.  We always have some great conversations.  S is one of the kindest, sweetest people I know.  K is a religion teacher at a local Catholic high school and is one of the most brilliant minds I know, second only to DH.  I'm usually blown away by what I learn listening to those two talk.

- 3 -
 I don't think I can come up with seven items today.  Just letting you know. ;-)

- 4 -
Yesterday food got the better of me.  I was bored so I ate.  I was tired so I ate.  It was lunchtime so I ate.  You get the picture.  I went to bed hating food and the hold it has on me.  It seemed like too much of my life is consumed by it - shopping for it, preparing it, eating it, figuring out ways of avoiding it to lose weight.  It seems to be a substitute for other things.  I really need to work on this. 

- 5 -
We live in a pretty rural area and are blessed with a lot of wildlife.  A Crane just flew by as I'm sitting here writing this.  They always remind me of teenagers, especially teen age boys - tall, all arms and legs, gangly.

- 6 -
Well, I guess God is giving me a great nature show.  There is a hawk now circling above the neighbors' pond.  I don't care how many times I see them, I don't get tired of them.  They are powerful, majestic, elegant.  Here's a picture DH captured of one this winter.

- 7 -
"These are the advantages of travel, that one meets so many men whom one would otherwise never meet, and that one feeds as it were upon the complexity of mankind" Hilaire Belloc (First and Last)

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Have a great weekend!

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