Sunday, December 13, 2015

TToT (13): There's No Place Like Home

 “There are two ways of getting home; and one of them is to stay there.”
- one -
The trip that was cancelled a couple of weeks ago was rescheduled and occurred this past week.  Everything went smoothly and it was a productive trip.
- two -
All my flights were not only on time, one got in more than a half hour early.  Got to love that jet stream!  
- three -
I stayed in Chester while in England.  It is a beautiful and historic town that I frequently found myself getting lost in.  But, since everything is in walking distance, I was never really all that far from the hotel. 
- four -
After Mass on Sunday morning I wandered through town trying to get the lay of the land.  And find coffee.  I kept seeing Santa.  Everywhere.  It turned out that there was a Santa run that was to be starting shortly.  There had to have been a least 3000-4000 people in this race.  It took nearly ten minutes from when the race began for everyone to get across the starting line.
- five -
I was told by a number of people that while in Chester I really should visit the Cathedral.  They were right.  It was beautiful.  Founded in 1092 as a Benedictine Abbey, it is now home to the Church of England.  The windows in it are spectacular.
 - six -
Our last night in town we stumbled onto a parade.  Truth be told, it is the oddest Christmas parade I have ever seen.  And the shortest.  There were only about 10-12 units in it. 
- seven -
We have been praying the St. Andrew Christmas Novena this year.  My chaplet that I won a number of years ago once again traveled with me. 
- eight -
I decided that I wanted to do something a little different than our normal Advent wreath this year.  I was able to find unscented pillar candles online at Quick Candles and a beautiful print from HatchPrintsShop on Etsy.  Himself made my vision happen while I was gone.  Perfect! 
 - nine -
The weather this weekend was in the sixties.  I really wouldn't mind if all of winter was like this  I know, wishful thinking!
- ten -
Yesterday, the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, was my "blogiversary".  When I started writing this five years ago I had no idea where it would lead or how long it would last.  I have been blest with opportunity to share things that are important to me as well as things that are just plain silly or goofy.  Many of you I consider friends, whether I have met you or not.  Thanks for coming along for the ride! 
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  1. Love that you had such a great trip! I love getting to travel, and have found that even with travel for work, I've been able to find a little time to enjoy some of the local stuff.

  2. I could live with a winter in the 60's - no problem!

    The cathedral is gorgeous, and that sure was a whole lot of Santas.

  3. Haha. Santa run. Love that.
    Travel is exciting.