Saturday, July 11, 2015

TToT (6) - Two Weeks Worth

Christine heard my pleas for someone to relieve me of some Hostas and other plants that I wanted to remove from my gardens.  These plants now have a new home - Yeah!

What a wonderful visit we had when she came to pick up the plants!  Himself and I enjoyed chatting, discussing life and solving world issues with Christine. 

I took a week's vacation at the end of June, beginning of July.  It was one of those "stay-cations" with just a few day trips thrown in.  While I love where I work now, I need at least one of those weeks each summer.  Time to sleep in and futz around the house and yard is much needed.

We took the recommendation of Emily and tried a new-to-us local brewery, Hoppin' Frog.  What a find!  We enjoyed every beer we tried on our sampler flight.  We even made a second trip to pick up some for our brother-in-law.  If you live nearby or are visiting the area and like beer, it's a must try.

I spent a lot of time in the gardens over vacation.  All of the pots of perennials from Dad are now happily planted.  I think all totaled, he sent over two dozen splits from his garden.  I am glad to have that job done.

I spent Independence Day afternoon with my niece (and her parents).  Sara wanted her toenails painted and returned the favor by doing mine, and my toes as well.  We had happy feet!

Sara turned three this week.  She brings such joy to all our lives - she is the sun, moon and stars!

Usually on Saturday mornings we go to the park for a walk before breakfast.  Seeing the sun again was lovely.

What a glorious morning it has been!  After our hike and a little weeding in the flower garden, we enjoyed breakfast on the patio.

I tried a new dessert out on my sister and brother-in-law on Independence Day.  I had some peaches that were looking like they would be going bad soon, so I found a coffee cake online.  I added some cherries to it as well and it was a big hit.  Does anyone even use cookbooks with all that can be found on the net?

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  1. I saw all those plants on Christines blog! was there echinachia in there too? #9 looks like the perfect breakfast... peach muffins as well as coffee cake... the best!

    1. Good eye! Yes, that is an echinachia . It's one of my favorite flowers and every year I try to add a new one, a different shape or color. We usually don't deadhead them so the Goldfinch can eat the seeds in the cones. So, we have a lot of volunteers in the garden that I am trying to thin out.

    2. What kind of coneflowers do you have?? I am a coneflower collector too! Always looking for someone to trade with!

    3. I only remember the name of some: Sunrise, Sunset, Tiki Torch, and Sombrero. I've got a few others - the typical purple, a white one, an orange one with pom pom center. I really need to find the tags that are buried somewhere in my garage!

  2. It was a wonderful visit! And now that I've been to your home and met your husband and Jack, reading your posts are even more fun. I can picture the two of you having your breakfast. (Wow. Does that sound creepy?) :)

    1. Not at all! Just sounds like a friend who knows us!

  3. How great that you got to get together with Christine, and how nice to share those beautiful plants!

  4. I find a staycation a year is necessary - how else to get done those big jobs around the house and yard that can't be done in a weekend. Even if there's no big task on the horizon, just being able to putter the days away is so refreshing.

  5. I need a baracade vacation. I need to baracade myself in the house until its clean.
    That is a lovely walk way. I can see why you like it.

  6. Can I just say....out of all the lists...this one made me the happiest and I'm glad that I read it this morning :)
    I love that you gave away your hostas. Mine grew so large the one year and started to suffocate my lilies. I didn't want to just dig them up and toss them out. When I found them a home I remember being so excited too!! I never realized how big they get!! Gardening is one of my favourite things to do :)
    Your entire week sounded just lovely even if it was a staycation. It doesn't matter where you go -- as long as you enjoy what you're doing :)

    1. Thank you! That was kind of you to say!

  7. Hi, Donna. Days spent at home in the garden are the best. I think sharing plants is a gardener's way and so meaningful. You planting splits from your Dad and sharing the hosta with Christine. I wish I lived closer. Hosta are so peaceful. We have many hosta in our yard, but the deer come up at night and munch away. The rootage is intact, though, for the next year. Love the party toes!

  8. Glad you went to Hoppin Frog! I am a huge fan of local beer :) I love this linkup! I need to start joining!

  9. Lucky you, to get to meet Christine! I got the pleasure of doing that last year.

  10. What a happy, peaceful post! I wish I could go get flowers from Christine. She doesn't want her peonies, and they're my favs. I love to go to local pubs. Trying new beers is so fun.

  11. OK, comment take two...
    Park walks, painted toes, patio breakfasts, and Christine! That is a great list of happiness! Happy summer staycation to you - I think those are the best!

  12. what a great list. the skirts are so cute and so is Sara in them. She is a lucky little girl to have such a wonderful aunt! (and uncle). my sedum from you is doing well! it is a wait and see on the bee balm and hibiscus.

    one of these days I will remember my google acct...until then I guess Tracy will be anonymous.